Did you know that epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions in Australia?


Over 26,000 Western Australians live with epilepsy, and 1 in 200 Western Australian children have this condition.


We believe that as a community, we can come together and lift the stigma and discrimination which often surrounds a diagnosis of epilepsy. 


Purple Laces Month for Epilepsy WA is an initiative run by the John Curtin Leadership Academy in collaboration with the established non-profit Epilepsy WA, for the month of September 2018.


It aims to increase general community awareness about the oft-misunderstood condition of epilepsy, while raising funds to help sustain the many Epilepsy WA support groups empowering people all around WA living with epilepsy.


We eagerly welcome your support to this wonderful cause, which can come in 3 forms:

  • Purchase a pair of Purple Laceswith all proceeds going to Epilepsy WA
  • Read #storiesofepilepsy, featuring real, empowering testimonials of Western Australians living with epilepsy or who are personally involved with the cause
  • If laces are not for you, kindly consider making a tax-deductible donation to Epilepsy WA here

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Thank you for your support!


For more information, visit the official Epilepsy WA website here.


Follow the Epilepsy WA Facebook page here.