#storiesofepilepsy features empowering real life testimonials of Western Australians either living with epilepsy, or who are personally involved with the issue.


Belonging to a diverse range of backgrounds, they have generously shared their unique stories and insights - in hope of improving general awareness and knowledge about the condition of epilepsy.


Click on each person's photo below to find out more about their story!



Meet Natalie, a Curtin student living with epilepsy who seeks to use her testimony as motivation to inspire her family and those around her.


Meet Lauren, Community Coordinator for Epilepsy WA, whose passion has led her to do amazing work in facilitating epilepsy support groups around WA!


Meet Jenifer, a self-described epilepsy awareness advocate who maintains her own dedicated Facebook page to share her unique personal insight into living with the condition.


Meet Jake, an aspiring Curtin student in remission from epilepsy - who is an avid swimmer and Iron Man candidate in his spare time!


Meet Professor Phil Bland, John Curtin Distinguished Professor researching in the field of planetary science, who also lives with epilepsy.

Louise and Merik

Meet Louise and Merik, mother and son whose loving time spent together has empowered Merik to overcome his condition of epilepsy as he grows.

Sheena and Ariana

Meet Sheena and Ariana, a mother-daughter duo who have harnessed the joy of cheerleading to overcome Ariana's epilepsy.


Meet Emma Buitendag, chief executive of Epilepsy WA, whose long-standing involvement with epilepsy motivates her to encourage community discussion and support! 

Disclaimer: Please note that the participants of the #storiesofepilepsy campaign are sharing their own unique thoughts and feelings about epilepsy. The thoughts and feelings presented are theirs alone, and do not represent Epilepsy WA in any way.

Thank you for your support!


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